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Leading Chemical Manufacturer in Fort Wayne, Indiana

For years, our chemical manufacturer in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has been a leader in the industry. As one of the top-applied chemical manufacturers, Craft Laboratories, Inc. can provide the best cleaning solutions for your business or industry.

Valuing You

At our manufacturer, we value your time, money, profitability, and productivity. That's why we provide comprehensive services and solutions to ensure the most efficient, cost-effective maintenance and cleaning program possible for you. In fact, we even manufacture products for transportation equipment.

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Supplies & Industrial Solutions

Our position as a proven cleaning chemical manufacturer of applied cleaning products gives us the ability to provide you with all of the cleaning chemicals to fill your needs. No matter the size of your business or the industry, we have a full line of chemical cleaning supplies that will work for you.

Going Green

In addition to offering supplies for heavy industrial use, moderate use, or heavy janitorial use, we can also provide the greenest cleaning solutions for you. Many of our products are fully compatible, and will make your business safer and the job of your staff easier.

Additionally, we understand that your cleaning and maintenance needs don't stop there. That's why we've developed strategic partnerships, which allow us to provide and service all of your cleaning-related needs.

The Right Equipment for the Job

No matter your line of business, Craft Laboratories, Inc. has not only the applied chemicals manufacturing capability to fill your needs, but the services and partnerships to fulfill your cleaning equipment and service needs. In fact, we've teamed up with industry leaders, giving us the ability to pair the right equipment to the right application and the right chemical cleaners for each job. Some equipment includes:

• Automatic Floor Machines • Automatic Parts Washer • Manual Parts Washer • Karcher Pressure Washers & More


Servicing Equipment

Our services don't stop there. In fact, our chemical manufacturer has built a service component. This gives us the ability to service all equipment and brands we sell, among others.

Contact our chemical manufacturer in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to find out about our top-quality cleaning agents.

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